Build a WLED Controller Workshop Wednesday March 6 - $35.00

Want to start playing with addressable LEDs but don’t feel comfortable with programming an Arduino or dealing with cryptic code and libraries?
Always wanted to solder something but scared to try?
Need some animated LEDs for your cosplay project?
Want an easy to build project for your child?

Then this workshop may be for you. It will include a small easy to put together Wi-Fi enabled ESP8266 based LED controller that runs WLED . Also included is a 1 meter length of WS2812 addressable LEDs and an AC power supply (no case or mounting hardware is included)

The cost is $35 per participant for VHS members and $40 for non-VHS members. I have Saturday Feb 17th starting at 9:00 AM as a date and can do other dates if this doesn’t work for anyone interested ( I like to limit the workshop to 4 people at a time).The kit does require soldering (we will use the soldering equipment at the Space) and I think it’s suitable as a first soldering kit for kids (YMMV)…

If you are interested send me a note to book a spot and arrange payment.

The workshop takes about 2 hours and will include basic information on using addressable LEDs and WLED… We will then assemble the kits and get you controlling your LEDs. You will need a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop or smart phone) for the workshop to access your WLED controller…

You can find more build details here:

Get carried away and your place can look like this:


Hey hey! Is there still room? I’m interested!

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3 of the 4 available spots have been booked…
If there is enough demand I can run another workshop the following Saturday or possible one of the weekday nights…

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The 4 spots for the Saturday workshop are booked…
If anyone else is interested I will setup additional dates as required…



I would interested!

I’d be interested as well.

I will run another WLED workshop on Wednesday evening Feb 28th (from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)…
If you are interested then send me a note to arrange payment and I’ll book your a spot…



If you are on the fence about this workshop, I would not wait. @packetbob takes a relaxed pace in walking thru the process of making a kit and has no problem answering questions and giving things a poke as needed. A+++ highly recommend!


Agreed! I had a great experience. Highly recommend.

this class is pretty rewarding particularly when you get a chance to take the WLED controller and apply it to a project. Here is what i made with the controller i made in Bob’s workshop. Its a great building block to add to your own projects down the road.


Sign me up for the 28th! I already have a project in mind that would use wifi-controlled LEDS and this sounds perfect.

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The best part about the controller is that it works with a wide range of devices and control protocols. I brought along my professional lighting console, and easily connected over sACN; it works with home automation, media servers, DMX lighting controllers, and its own web based ui. The project possibilities are literally endless!


2 spots left for the Wed night (Feb 28th) workshop…

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The Wednesday 28th workshop is full

If anyone is still interested let me know and I will setup more dates


I’m interested! :raised_hand: I just can’t do it this Wednesday

I’m also interested if there will be another workshop!

For anyone interested in more workshops lets me know if a Saturday morning or a Wednesday evening works better for you and I will schedule something in the beginning of April…

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Interested! Preference for Wednesday (vs Sat morning)

I also prefer Wednesday rather than Saturday, but both will work.

I will run another WLED workshop next week on Wednesday March 6…

If interested then DM me for payment details to book a spot…