Broken Equipment: Makita Miter saw


Hi all,

Unfortunately the Makita Miter Saw is broken.


The retracting guard is jammed and will not move properly out of the way of cuts.

In my opinion it’s not safe to use and needs to be repaired or replaced.


I forgot to mention I labelled it with painter’s tape saying that it’s broken and needs fixing.


Thanks for bringing this up. I have had this guard apart to diagnose/cobble back together a couple of times in the past month or so. Initially I had thought it was fixed, but seems to reoccur. From what I can tell, it has been “repaired” at some point in its life and no longer can be used as intended. There are some instructions online on how it should go together:

I’ll have a look on Tues night if no one gets to it before then.


If a new safety cover is what will fix it they look to be about 25bux (although currently out of stock on amazon). I’d contribute some bucks to this cause.


If you can find it on, it can be shipped to my US PO box to save on shipping.


There appears to be stock on the US site but I’d rather be sure this one part will be effective before we order. :slight_smile:


Likewise, it was jammed on me once, some disassembly/reassembly seemed to solve the issue temporarily, but part of the mechanism feels like it’s on its last legs.


There are also Makita service centres in Burnaby (near Holdom Station) and one in Richmond. The science world workshop has a bunch of makita equipment, and they’ve always been helpful for things like parts, repairs, and info.


Update: Eric did a teardown yesterday (thanks!)

He discovered a snapped off pin which acts as a cam for the guard mechanism:

Unfortunately the Makita repair centres are closed over the weekend, and only opened between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays.

The model we have is the LS 1013; it has been discontinued, but the parts may still be available.

Is anyone available on weekdays to reach out to the Makita service centres and see if they have the part?


I can’t find a link to the pin itself that connects to the link plate (shown in the top photo, sheared off)

The related parts in the diagram are #19, #20, #21: