Boxing day at VHS


I will be at VHS from 2pm — 5pm doing cleanup and organization in advance of the move. I’m looking for volunteers to help.


  1. Deal with the LED donation near the front. There are reals of 0603 resistors that should be filed in the SMD resistor filing cabinet. The LEDs should be sorted and we should keep a decent selection that fits into one of the SMD totes (one of them is currently nearly empty).

  2. Clean up laser storage. Little stuff should be thrown out. Stuff with no dates should become “free”. Stuff that is older than 6 months should become “free”.

  3. Clean up front benches. Go through pens/markers and throw out anything that doesn’t work. Throw out other junk that has accumulated.

  4. Issue parking tickets for large personal projects, equipment, and materials. Create a talk thread with a photo of each.

  5. Issue parking tickets for totes that are overflowing and not easily moved.

  6. Toss the tiny wood scraps near the electronics. Keep only a small selection of larger/useful stuff.

Post your cleanup ideas here, but only if you plan to help out. :wink:


As I mentioned in slack - i will arrange to move the pinball machine


Are there plans to get that working? I don’t want to be That Guy, but…


I will be there to help.


@Jarrett yes, though it will probably have to be done by Johns Jukes or someone similar. I plan on visiting them in the next couple of weeks


Don’t forget that there is a storage compartment in the bottom of the MAME machine, which I’m pretty sure has a pane of glass for silk screening inside. Exciting times!


Thanks for @Petetheviking @Ka_Wai_Lee and @Laslo for helping out today! Here’s what we accomplished:

  1. Laslo organized the donated LED reels by colour temperature and kept around 100 reels. The others were tossed.

  2. @Ka_Wai_Lee organized the laser storage, moving all overdue (FFA=Free for all) stuff to the left. Please use it up. The top shelves are cleared except for small named/dated stuff. Would be best if everyone started taking their stuff home.

  3. @Petetheviking triaged the fasteners and is getting rid of about half of it. He’s coming back tomorrow to finish up.

  4. I triaged the donated connectors, sorted SMD resistors into the filing cabinets, and went through a bunch of misc electronics parts. This mostly cleaned up the area between the craft table and electronics storage. There is still tons more work that could be done in the electronics components.

If you want to help, here are some things we didn’t get to…

  • Stuff under the craft table
  • Wood shop scrap lumber
  • through-hole electronics parts


Thanks, guys!

Super important job