Bottomliner for Tonight's Open House? (Feb 19)


Hi all,

Are any key holders confirmed for bottom-lining tonight’s Open House?

The Open Houses are our primary method of recruiting new members, so please RSVP if you’re coming down to help with tours!



I don’t plan on being down tonight - been out of commission the past week with cold/flu


No worries @SteveRoy, get better soon!


I hope to get there this evening, but can’t get there in time for opening. The snow may also change my plans.


Steve sorry you’re still a bit under the weather. Rest up. Tonight was great. We had a bunch of keyholders/members and a bunch of new folks. People were working on projects as well as the space and there was a great hacker vibe going on. Thanks to everyone who came out to help and came by.

I cleaned out the roombas and they need to charge up so please don’t run them unless the light is green.