Bob beck device

Gday :sunny:
I started making this device off a tiktok tutorial, based on a patented device and protocol to rid the body of pathogens via frequency in vivo. Here is link to details:

The project got way more complicated for me, if anyone is interested in this kinda thing and helping me and making your own, I can make it Tuesday nights.

Thx :blush:

Hi! Welcome!

I wouldn’t recommend building these devices, as at a casual skim, they seem at best snake oil, and at worst, incredibly dangerous.

Things that jump out at me:

Immediate attack of “Big Medicine conspiracies” or whatever. The American healthcare system is incredibly corrupt, yes, but grassroots cures are not largely dismissed as false as these devices claim. See homemade insulin for an example.

Colloidal silver. Drinking this has no health benefits, and can turn you blue.

Tenuous knowledge of electricity - Terms like microcurrents, and biphasic pulse are not real. Someone attempting to shock me while speaking like that would worry me. Currents at slightly more than those suggested can cause heart arrythmia, so I would put this in the incredibly dangerous category.

There are, peppered through out more statements like this:

Amazingly similar discoveries have been made by scientists and are a permanent record in the US Patent Office since
the 1880’s. Why don’t we know of these?

This is the “just asking questions” school of reporting, but the answer is simple: It’s not because of some government conspiracy, it’s because it doesn’t work.

That’s as much of a takedown as I’m able to spend time on. I hope you’re doing okay Sven, but please don’t electrocute yourself!


I appreciate your casual skim and feedback. Lots of positive research and history in the field of frequency for healing, which I’m exploring. The unit I built has minimal output (cheap to make), was hoping to put a potentiometer on it, so I don’t zap myself a second time :laughing: thx for your concern :sweat_smile: (the things I’ve done to this body, I’ll be fine :joy:) and I’m not into drinking the colloidal silver. but I’m interested in the components and having a dialogue about it in person on Tuesday night if your there, and whoever wants to throw in.

Cheers :raised_hands:t2: