Bluetooth and smartphone headset adpators for ham radios


Next question, I have a number of pretty decent wired headsets I use with my
smartphones for trail and road running and such and would love to be able to
use them with my UV-82 and other future radios I acquire.

Anyone come across somehting like that, basically I’d expect the usual 2 ping
connector for the radio end, input for stereo mini plug, with whatever
electronics needed to convert the single mono channel from the radio to dual
(left/right) channels for the headset and a PTT button.

Bonus marks if I can plug in both my radio and phone at the same time into
the single headset and easily toggle between either device. Even better
would be to route one device to the right ear and other to the left ear so
you can monitor the radio while on a phone call and vice versa.

For the wireless (BT) side of things I came across this but it has a crazy
price at $137


Thats going to be tricky. Perhaps if you use one of these with ur radio:

Have you phone connect via bluetooth to your bluetooth headphones and to that device then pipe the audio thru somehow?


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