BL-4C Battery?

There were boxes of new (old stock) Nokia batteries at VHS. Anyone know if there were any BL-4C batteries?

Judging from the photos posted at Making use of the Nokia phone batteries (or other phone batteries you may have) they look to be mostly BL-5F and BP-4L.

I do not know what was at the space but just last month I bought two new Nokia BL-4C batteries from an eBay seller in Alberta because I wanted to try using my Nokia 6103b model of feature phone that runs Nokia Series 40 as an alarm clock but the only battery I had for it had expanded/bulged whilst the computer was sitting unused on a shelf for years. I only paid approximately 10 CAD per battery; now I have a Series 40 alarm clock that can use MIDI files for the alarm sound but, unfortunately, the computer uses a coaxial/barrel connector instead of a standard USB connector for power.

I just added a Nokia 3.7v 10000mah battery to the collection. I think I placed it with AA and AAA in the large bin under the table in the sodering section because I couldn’t find a more appropriate place.

10 000 mAh is 10 Ah. Did you mean 1 000 mAh = 1 Ah because a Nokia BL-4C battery is rated at slightly less than 1 Ah? Note that the single-character abbreviation for ampere is a capital A, not a small letter.

I’m not sure if we still have them or if they got purged, but if we do they’re probably underneath the electronics benches. Here is a list of what we may have or had: Vancouver Hack Space Electronics Parts Inventory - Google Sheets

I was unsure of the power specs for your Nokia model. So sadly it wont work for your application.