Bird House For Rent

My daughter, her grandfather and I made a birdhouse this weekend.

Mid-Century modern with sloped roof and asphalt shingles. White oak flooring throughout and interior frescos. 40 sq in of open-concept floor space. Woods and Stream Adjacent, available immediately.


very nice. what species are you hoping for?

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Not really targeting anything but there’s lots of small birds I see that I was hoping for.

The motivation, however, was one of the cutest things my daughter has ever said. When suffering from allergies, she described it as having a “bee in her nose” and she wanted to get the bee out of her nose and let it out the window and build a house for it.

So technically, this is my daughter’s “bee house”.

Maybe one day I’ll go full-on apiary but my wife recently ate a banana that had a bee in it, so right now that would be veto’d immediately.

Great project to get the kids involved! Birdhouse tip: Don’t put a perch or platform in front of the entrance hole. That gives predators, like crows, a place to stand and attack the eggs or hatchlings. The resident birds do not need the perch.