Best “hack”

Going to leave this definition widely open, but please keep responses only relating to legal activity.

Procedural, tool, life, etc…

The hack that is on my mind. I wear glasses but don’t need new ones as often as my optical insurance provides. So one year when I didn’t have a prescription update, I got my work insurance to pay for my safety glasses. Turns out there’s a ton of high end safety glasses that glasses shops can order from a catalog to your prescription. No more doubling up!


I would say - clutching a $700 roomba robot vac back from the circle of death by fixing it with about 2bux worth of parts. They are not designed to be easily fixed and It does take 45mins to take the thing apart and a little soldering but once you fix one, it feels great. I don’t know what the exact count is on roombas we’ve helped fix - it’s quite a few I believe. Great to keep these cleaning and out of a landfill. They are also highly hackable.

We still have roomba parts at vhs (under the 3d printing area in a bin with “roomba parts” on it). If you use any parts please chuck a few bucks in the vhs donation box.

More details on roomba fixin’