Belt sander issue


Hey guys, I’ve been working on a belt sander today and after I turned it off and then on it stopped working. Like I hear a motor trying to push a belt but nothing happened. So we tried to fix it, like release a handle and screw on a side, manually roll a belt back on track but it’s rolling quite tight and after on is still stuck.
If anyone has any ideas how to get it back to live it would be very appreciated.


Did you clean it out/vacuum it?


I had this in mind but didn’t have much time to try it cause place got closed. I’ll try this next time for sure.


Thank you for posting the equipment issue. This is precisely what should be done when something that is expected to be working is found not working, and it cannot be fixed.

This allows us to mobilize and fix it rather than the next person coming along and making the same discovery.

Let’s debug this:

First, try removing the belt entirely and see if the motor is stuck. If the motor moves when no belt is attached, we are probably looking at a belt alignment issue. There is an adjuster on the belt sander that changes the camber to track the belt back and forth. Also check to see that everything is clean. There’s a dust port; give that a good scrub and vacuum; and vacuum out anything that is accessible while the belt is off.

Otherwise, If the motor does not move while there is no belt, then we have a more serious issue; but still a good cleanout in the prior step should be performed.



Yeap, sounds like a very good debugging plan! I’ll definitely try this . Thank you!


Take off a belt, it was nasty dirty, cleaned it up. Drive drum was spinning good with no issue but front one was really tight. I played around with tension lever and alignment nut and could make it work.

So this little guy is back to life. I was testing it only for 10 min but was working fine. I checked also on sides so there is no friction with metal guards. Give it a try and post if there is any issues.
Thanks everyone for help!


Thank you, Great Job!


@dmo thanks so much for fixing that. Very much appreciated.


Thank you


Thanks for help guys!


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