Batch purchasing for space organization, and staple supplies

Hi! I’d like to get some standard supplies in bulk which we seem to go through quite a lot.

It should save money over time, and I’d be happy to put some of my own towards these items.

Here is what I have thought up so far. Feel free to add to the list.

  • Green masking tape,
  • Blue Masking tape,
  • Smaller and larger clear containers for more space-optimized storage of items on the shelves,
  • Sharpies,
  • Gaffer tape (in many colours) for colour-coding items and their intended storage place.

As a comment to the Gaffer tape - during our cleanup leading to the culture crawl, I colour-coded the two shelves with screwdrivers, and I am happy to report things are still in perfect order. I believe colour coding is super effective, and we can help keep things in their intended spots with more colours and clear symbols. Worst case, resorting and restoring will be a breeze compared to now, where it’s a mystery where things came from.


I’d be happy to put 50$ toward purchases and lead the initiative in labelling the space.

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6 Roles of 1in x 60 yards Green Tape - $16.24 (2.70 per role)

[](https://Amazon Link)

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I actually was just at Allword packing supplies just around the corner from the hackspace and they also have bulk green painters tape in multiple sizes!

Yeah, if you look in the photo, the 1-inch wide roll is going for 7.28! If we batch order, it’s 2.70 per role.

Gaff tape in particular is ~$20/roll, a case of 2-inch tape is 24 rolls. Even with bulk pricing, that’s a lot of money to tie up in inventory.

For labelling, we have several rolls of label tape compatible with our label printer.

Everything else, that seems like a good idea.

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I ended up purchasing some green tape (it was on sale on amazon). I’ll be donating three roles for the space. I’m still researching the verried sized s/m/l containers.

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I bought and left some new clear bins for storing / organizing things, 8-10. Left by 3d Printer area.


I should have some sharpies stashed away I can bring in…couple boxes?


Thank you!

That would be awesome. Amazon Basics is also having a sale for their version of sharpies. pretty good, and it’s 12$ for 24 pens.

So I found a selection of Gaffer tape on aliexpress ,in all sorts of colours and its a dollar a role :slight_smile: 0.6" by 16.5 ft

I grabbed 21 roles in 7 colours for 25$ should be enough length to wrap approx 1000 tools
I’m oddly excited and looking forward to this wrapping event.

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