Bandanna Hack

Now that the CDC is recommending people wear masks of all types while out in public. I’d like to share my hack for keeping my glasses from fogging up when i wear my bandanna. (note: i make no assertions that this is any where close to being as good as a N95 mask)

1- get a bandanna

2- get a twist tie. this ones from Starbucks coffee

3- Put some hot glue on the twist tie

4- press twist tie into center of bandanna

5- now you can bend the top of the bandanna to fith the bridge of your nose

6- Stay safe


‘Universal’ mask usage is a pretty contentious subject, and there seems to be a lot of confusion out there.

A couple of important notes:

It may change, but as of April 5, 2020, the WHO and Public Health Agency of Canada still don’t recommend mask use for everyone. This recent change is from the US-based CDC.

If you do choose to use fabric face cover (leave medical masks for medical workers), make sure you use, remove, and wash it properly.

The most critical aspect is that while they can offer some minimal protection to the wearer, "A cloth face covering is not intended to protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to others. My Mask Protects You, Your Mask Protects Me

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I completely agree. there are conflicting opinions on masks right now.
The stance i took is that, if i am actually unknowingly carrying the bug, at least this helps me from spreading it. I also wash it each time i get home and since i only go out every 3-4 days to restock. it has lots of time between uses. One of the problems with most clothe masks besides the size of the weave is how poorly they seal around the face.Especially for those of us with beards. This is just a thought on how to make a better seal.