Baltic Birch Plywood Group Buy

Quartered sheets works great for me, thank you!

No worries, I’ll leave yours intact.

no the laser fits around 40"x32". 30x30 is just a convenient size to cut the sheets into (since they’re 60x60" sheets)

Ah, ok. I’m trying to maximize size for this project, so please leave mine intact also.

sounds good!

Plywood has arrived!


Sorry folks, I ran out of time and wasn’t able to cut up the sheets today.

I cut up the sheets and stacked them near the laser cutter. If someone could label them and file them away properly in the materials rack I’d appreciate it.

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Is that going in the woodshop? I’m pretty sure that much material won’t fit in the laser rack. If people could take home what they are not immediately using that would be ideal.

I can’t make it down till tomorrow late afternoon, but I can take this on if no one beats me to it.


@paulreimer @Ficus_mischievous @nicochecko @Weas3l @JohnC

Hey folks, this is not an acceptable place to store these new sheets. At the very least, the LCC needs access to the side panels of the laser cutter. Can you work to organize the laser material storage area so that your new material can be fit into the designated space?


Apologies and thanks for letting us know. I’ll be in tomorrow and can at the very least deal with my sheets. If others are around also, I’d love to look at where else these might be kept for short term project use.

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Thanks. Last night I collected this unusable material from the area and trashed it (in a plastic tote with a broken bottom which I also tossed).

There is still plenty more of this kind of cruft that could be removed.


Thanks, I will be in tonight and can do this


Did I miss a sheet? I could have sworn I laser engraved all of the ones I bought and put them in the materials storage under the snow globe. If not I can rectify that!

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I think you put yours away but the list taped to the top of the stack in the photo probably had your name on it. If you put yours away already thank you!

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I figured that was why I was pinged, but I did have a lot of cut sheets, so I would not have been surprised if I did miss one!


I put the plywood away.

Just a reminder that any sheets labeled “JohnC/VHS” are free to use for VHS space improvement projects (you are encouraged to post a picture of what you made!).

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