Axe Throwing

Meeting more people. Was in again Tuesday for open house. After setting up my charcoal station I emptied the two over flowing bins in one washroom…the other didn’t need it. My intentions yesterday was to take a look at the spray room and see if I could do anything to improve on it. The only time I really had a good look at it was one of the first weeks there and it was really disorganized and not a lot of room beause of that. I don’t know what I could do to improve it anyways and it was occupied the whole time I was there anyways. Probably best for me to leave it and get some advice from a long time member. I did meet and had some good chats with a few guys I haven’t meet before last night. I’m forgetting his name now but I think it was Brad that makes these cool wooden boxes and impressive hand axes for throwing Competition. It was a beauty! Where else but VHS could you meet someone like that. And meet Griffin (a new member) and got talking about music and it turns out both his grandfather and father were both drummers and I’ve been a drummer all my life. So that was cool! Looking forward to net time. Cheers!


Good to see you at the space. And nice meeting you.
Thanks for your contributions and effort the make the space better.

As for the axe throwing, had some chats with people about that. Thinking it might be fun to arrange a group outing if people are interested in making an afternoon out of it one of these days. I’ll do a post about it.