Axe Throwing Fun?

Thought it would be fun to get some Van Hackers together for an afternoon of axe throwing.
There are a few good options out there. (Chilliwack) (Downtown Vancouver) (Port Coquitlam)

My personal favorite is the one in Chilliwack. Probably the best all around, it’s got different games like pool, darts, foosball, arcade machines… and my personal favorite, axe throwing! You can event throw axes at zombies (not real zombies).

If anyone is interested, leave a comment. Just want to get a feel for the level of interest. Thinking a Saturday might fit best with most peoples schedules…


I’m definitely interested. Chilliwack is a little far for me. What is the cost? Can you bring your own ax?


I would LOVE to come and try it out but I’m flat broke I’m afraid, might swing by just to hang out though, if they allow that, probably wouldn’t be able to hit coquitlam or chiliwack, but I should be able to swing by the Downtown one if you end up going.
Keep updated.

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Depending on the Saturday the wife and i might be interested in going.

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As with others, depends on the date but might be interested with a plus one also.

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Interested! Also Chilliwack is a bit far, though the place does look pretty cool.

I could probably bring a couple more interested (hackspace adjacent) people if we want to pad numbers

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Yup, you can bring your own axe, but they do have to inspect it first.
At the Chilliwack place, cost is $35 per hour per person for the axe throwing, plus $8 if you want to add on 2 hours of the other games and stuff.
I’m also open to carpooling with people if anyone wants a ride.
The downtown one is pretty expensive, I think about $50 per person per hour.
The Port Coquitlam place is about $30, they don’t have any games but they do have knife throwing as well as the axe throwing.


$43(+) for 3h of fun in Chilliwack’s good, and might make the trip worth it

so I’m thinking either Feb 17 or 24 for this. Anyone have any preferences on the date?
so far there’s a good amount of interest:
@Phillip_Ma, @ddq, @WDaynes, @amanda, @SecStratagem, @willphillips, @macintoshsj, @Atlas, @jakub
as well as some plus one’s

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Feb 17 is a no go for us.

If Feb 24 is the day, when would you need to know by? Trying to squeeze as many Whistler days in as possible if there’s still any snow left in late Feb.

Hell yea brother! I’m down… either day should work I think…

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The 24th is good.
Does that work for everyone?
I’m thinking about mid afternoon or so, 3 or 4pm
We should book a week in advance to secure a spot, so if everyone could confirm by the 18th, that should give us enough time.


I just checked the website, some of the afternoon spots are starting to get booked up already…
If anyone can confirm soon, lmk.

I’m in for 2 at 3 or 4… is this the one out in Chilly Whacks? Do you need us to sign up ourselves or how’s it working?

Nah, I’ll do a group booking for everyone once people confirm with me. I’ll just ask for etransfer or cash later.

and yup, Chilly Wacks

I’ll be driving from Kits - I could pickup on my way to the highway (any of the Vancouver onramps). We can negotiate gas money.