Available: 5 Zig Zag / Fishbone /Rick-Rack Orchid Cactus in Vancouver

FREE for members, $10 for non-members (per plant)

Young rooted plants of the hard-to-find Selenicerius Anthonyanus. It’s the amazing scented Orchid Cactus with Zig Zag leaves. It’s also often known as the rick rack cactus or the fish bone cactus. Note: this is not the epiphyllum version (which also confusingly has the same name). This is the cactus version.

Plants available:


Here’s what it should look like when it blooms (blooms can be up to 15 cm in diameter):

Photo from: Plantingman.com

These are free for members (one per member please). If you’re a non-member please make a $10 donation to VHS. Pickup is at the hackspace. Post here and I will put your name on one or pm me for pick-up arranagements)

Also - if you’re interested in plants, join us on the VHS slack channel in #green-thumb. We grow lots of amazing things and often trade plants, seeds, and clippings. Many of our members are into hydroponics, vegetable gardening, and more!


P.S. I also propagate the epiphyllum fishbone cactus (Epiphyllum Anguliger), so message me for details if you’re interested in those. Cheers!


Beautiful! I’m certainly interested. Currently not a member - had to cut bills for COVID. If you have any left I’d be keen to pick one up for the donation cost :slight_smile:


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I got you Dan! Just sent you a pm.

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Woot woot! Thanks Janet :smiley:

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Sure, I’ll see if I can keep one alive if there are any left.

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Excellent! I’ll bring you on one in @steveroy. I’ll be there tomorrow so will leave in the kitchen. They are pretty hard to kill and like sun.

Last call for zig zag cactus. These are pretty rare and you won’t find them in stores.

ah dammit. I’ll take one.


hooray!!! I will bring in for you. Woo! Could live on your deck in the summer.