[August 16th] Community Maintenance

Come help make the space a more awesome place!

Community Maintenance is all about the community coming together make VHS a more awesome space.

If you’re a new member, this is the perfect opportunity to help co-create and get to know the space and your fellow members, as well as an opportunity for keyholders to get to know you if you need the vouches!

Do you have a minor space improvement that you’d like to make happen? Join us! Have certain parts of the space been bothering you and you’d like to clean them up? Join us! Teamwork makes the dream work!

In the past, we’ve done Community Maintenance on Sundays, but with SHHH41 on the Saturday, we have the opportunity to clean up a bit before the open house and SHHH41 the next day.

Feel free to bring beverages and snacks. If you bring home made snacks, please make sure that you label them for allergens.