Aug 17: Super Happy Hacker House 41! The Sorta-Secret Soft-Open

Super Happy Hacker House 41! The Sorta-Secret Soft-Open

August 17, 2019

We’re in the home stretch, guys and gals. We have our equipment moved in, up and running; we’ve exorcised most of the upholstery-geist’s handiwork, and now have a very workable workshop. We can be proud of how far we’ve come. Now it’s time to have the neighbours over and properly introduce ourselves. If you have a friend or a coworker that you think would be into this place, please invite them too!

I will be putting together invitations for our business and residential neighbours, and I’d love some help dropping them off on the Tuesday before the event.

Event Schedule:

Noon-6 PM: Open House

8 PM: SHHH party, “Invite only”; doors closed to uninvited walk-up traffic. BYOB, and maybe some to share.

11 PM: Lighting Talks! (Call for challenge coins!)

This will be a casual, low-key affair, mostly about introducing ourselves to the neighbours, and giving them ideas about what they could do here.

Bring your projects to show off the kinds of things that we can do at the space!

It would also be awesome if each of the areas (3D printing, Sewing and Crafting, Welding, Machine Shop, Woodshop, Laser, Electronics Lab, CNC world) had somebody doing demos during open house.

This would also be a good time to start blitzing Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews with glowing reviews about the Hackspace in its new location. There’s old information out there: it’s time we update it.

We have a Slack Channel dedicated to planning this event: #shhh41

We can think of this as a rehearsal for SHHH 42: Grand Opening @ Venables /10th Year Celebration Bonanza, which will happen in September the weekend after Maker Faire.