At the space? Please print a part for MMC!

Are you at the space and the 3D printers are free? Consider printing a part for Makers Making Change! Some of these are quick prints and perfect to set up and make while you’re working on another project at VHS.

Also come join us on slack in #vhs-makers-making-change

There is filament at the space, labelled “MMC”. If you decide to make any of these parts, please respond to this thread with details of what you made and leave the completed parts in the vhs dropbox.



Just wanted to post a big thanks to all the people working on these latest MMC parts so far including @Tamara_VA7ETR @xquared @winegummo and anyone else I’ve missed! I hope to rustle up more filament supplies soon to help with these makes. Go team VHS/MMC!

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Thanks to everyone who have printed parts on this list so far. MMC really appreciates the help. If you can help print any of the following, these parts are still needed!

  1. 5 of the part called “base_bottom”
    MMC60 Round Flexure Switch by makersmakingchange - Thingiverse

  2. 20 Interact-Switch (all parts):
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  3. 6 textured button tops
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  4. 10 lipsync rear housings