Arduino based addressable LED workshop - Sunday June 16th, 2019, 10am to 3pm


Here’s a link to the EventBrite signup for my Arduino and FastLED workshop to be held on Sunday June 16th starting at 10am:


As mentioned in the link, workshop attendees will be learning the basics of and uploading various animation sequences onto Arduino Nano’s. If we have time, we’ll also be making some sound reactive animated sequences as well.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my Youtube page, which contains a LOT of animations, almost all of which have been developed on the Nano and include the source code:



can non members attend?


Along the lines of what @winegummo mentioned, is this in the Calendar and did it get broadcast to Meetup automatically?

There has been confusion in the past where the public has attempted to attend member-only events. Or pay events that were assumed to be free. Or events that were already sold out.


I’ll add it to the calendar. I believe @Majicj is bottom-lining. Going out to meetup is definitely confusing. @Rob_MacKenzie are you still the meetup person? Can this event be excluded from going out to that feed.?


I think i can do meetup, too. will check


Should also add - if anyone is new to arduino and wants to do the IDE setup/learn basics/just get a refreshers before this workshop I can meet you at the space to help. Just post here. I have a few spare arduinos and led strips we can play with.

Thanks for running this workshop @Johnny5!


Thanks for running this @Johnny5.

Just bought myself a ticket. There are 5 seats left.

I will be bottom lining this event.



@Johnny5 i made a VHS facebook event to link to your eventbrite page to promote it more.
i see you are filling up anyways, but if you want more promotion, i can post more stuff on our various social media.


Can we upgrade that infinity dodecahedron? Because I’ve always wanted to make one of those.


@xquared. That would be much appreciated thanks.

As for non-members, I’ll leave that up to you folks. I’m fine either way.

@Adam_Barlev, if you’re talking about the infinity dodecahedron that I made, it’s since been recycled and the LED’s are going to be used to make a bunch of small grapevine fire lanterns.


I just signed up for this! Should be a fun time. Looking forward to learning more about this library.



@Johnny5 All right, if you ever what to try to make a new one holler at me. I think it would look way cooler if the faces were more parallel.


@Adam_Barlev I’d also be up for making one



All tickets have been sold for this workshop.

Looking forward to this.


I brought a bunch of my lanterns to a garden party on the weekend:

Now that it’s over, I’ll be working on my slides for the upcoming workshop, which I’m really looking forward to.

Am also starting to work on a next generation of LED animation, which will consist of ESP8266’s combined with MQTT communications.


Great workshop @Johnny5! Thank you for putting this on.


@Johnny5 Thanks for the excellent intro to FastLED! Much appreciated. Also love the microphone with this kit. Works really well. I’m excited to see what I can get up to with this, especially on the ESP.


Agreed… thank you @Johnny5 for an excellent workshop. I learned a lot.

Kind Regards



So glad you folks enjoyed the workshop! Feel free to email me if you’d like the original .PPT of the workshop slides.

In the meantime, I’m now be focusing on converting some of my FastLED based displays from IR control over to MQTT and then publish some nice ‘howto’ guides.


Awesome. Anything phone based attracts the attention of kids (and big kids too :slight_smile: )

Thank you