ARC Car Battery


Battery is labelled as belonging to ARC. It was used for running their equipment and is now lying on the front desk. It might have belonged to @toptekkie. Does anyone want it?


It is used for outdoor events for example, when communicating with the ISS during their Radio Hours, etc.


I’d say this falls in with a review of the ARC equipment.
Somebody was doing a review of that stuff. Is there any gear left that runs on 12V setup like this?


Okay, I know its origin.

Long ago, it was thought to be used as an alternative power source for the VHS-ARC radio station that never came to fruition.

In the meantime, Farrel (@toptekkie) discovered a much better battery from a decommissioned UPS that he salvaged.

The other battery was discarded. It should have been recycled ages ago, but batteries are a pain in the ass.


Unfortunately, all of the ARC gear mistakenly left during the last 3-week bin cleanout.


Ouch! That kinda sucks.


To be fair the ARC stuff had been lying around in various piles over the last year or so looking very unloved. There were a number of posts about what to do with it and was always some ‘talk’ of doing something with this stuff but no-one actually did anything. So I guess some folks may be sad that it is gone but there was ample opportunity to grab whatever you wanted.


I guess is ARC is no more, sad and kinda sucks.


Could be reborn. Antenna still up, we still have the site licence. We didn’t have radio gear anyone at VHS knew how to use.

Maybe we might even look at getting a nice HF rig or something in the future. So let’s just say “VHS-ARC is resting”


Speaking of which, the licence certificate is currently lying next to the filing cabinet. Could someone with access put it inside?


Put it in one of the lower drawers?


Put the certificate in one of the lower admin drawers.


Yeah but we need an Advanced certificate holder to sponser the station. I
didn’t end up finishing my Advanced last year so I am out for that part.


Anyone still want to claim the battery? If not, I’ll toss it Wednesday.


Already gone; taken with the other cramp batteries to Zero Waste