Anyone with Technical Writing/Illustration/Instruction Skills looking to help out doctors?

Anyone have skills writing/illustrating/designing technical instruction sheets, and some free cycles?

This is an instruction sheet Janet and I just put together for Vancouver Makers for Emergency Response and Support.

A grassroots group making equipment to help emergency room workers. (Yes they have doctors on board).

They are ramping up, and are looking for more people to make similar, looks like plans on the go for intubation shields, etc.

Workflow on the above sheet was a bunch of writing and hashing out how to best explain the process, followed by making a 3d model -> penguin/rhino3d render -> illustrator drawing -> indesign layout.

Let me know if you are interested and can help out. Its probably going to be standby for a day or two, but the group seems to be moving quickly.

edit should I also note, its a team based approach, mostly collaborating over slack, and there is help and guidance, workflow is flexible, the above is just what we were using


I did a class way back on this. I would like to help.


This is awesome! Iā€™m forwarding this info to all the writers/illustrators I know.

forwarded this to a tech writer friend