Anyone there?

Hey so I just signed up as a member and I was hoping to visit the space a few times this week. Is that possible? Are there people around often? Do they bite?

hey Ben

thursday nights. friday afternoons and sunday afternoons have been pretty consistant to be open to new members. other times are kind of hit or miss.

people do bite but it doesnt seem to hurt as much now that everyone is wearing a mask

If you have joined slack already, there is a channel called #isvhsopen that you can post in to see if people are in the space. Keep in mind sometimes people are at the space but just want to focus on doing some of their own work and not host new members.

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Thanks! Ill keep the project thing in mind and I’ll join the slack.

Just a note, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that VHS has had a constant presence of one or two people when I am there, no matter what time of day! Check slack, best way to tell other than being there.


For the record, nobody has bitten me.

But seriously, go up to people, say hi, ask what they’re working on or if they can show you how to do stuff. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ben, there is less than a 50% chance that I will bite you, do not touch my food.
I am there early on Sundays.

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Just on this note - I always thought that joining VHS was a bit intimidating at first. What are the rules, who do I talk to, how to get access, how to lock up, use tools etc…

There is a lot to know!

Has there been, or is there a ‘New Member Package/Orientation’ that exists that would cover everything you’d need to know to sign up and get started confidently, even if you don’t know many people @ the space?

Part of the challenge I recognize with this is that things dynamically change all the time so keeping these things up to date can be tricky.


The best document is here:

Also, if you need wiki edit access, let someone know! Ask on Slack in #random, or PM me, or something.

That is totally something we’ve always struggled with, though. Part of the problem is that after someone starts to “get” it, they forget some of the pain points, so don’t go back and do-ocratise improved onboarding in some way.