Anyone running SLA printing training?

I am interested in printing some minis on the form 1, would anyone be able to walk me through it?
I know my way around FDM printing, I just want to make sure I don’t poison myself or break anything!



@Sasperzilla is the person to talk to regarding the photons at the space.

He’s usually at the space on Saturday keeping it open for non-key holders!


thanks! I will be at the space on Sat, so I will chat with him!

@Sasperzilla I’d also be interested in this- is there a good time to swing by if you’re able to?

@RobotRamen @DeNomad yes I’ll be in the hackspace this Saturday from 11am-3pm. If it will be the two of you, why don’t we aim for a 12pm start so I can give you both the demo at the same time?

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Can we do 1:30pm if that works for both of you? @DeNomad @Sasperzilla

12 does work better for me, but I can be flexible if that’s not feasible for you @RobotRamen. Whatever works best on your end @Sasperzilla and I’ll follow. :+1:

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Either time works for me. 1:30pm is fine. Can’t be later than that however. It will take about an hour.


Sorry @DeNomad, 12 doesn’t work for me, 1:30 is best. Hope that’s alright!

See you both at 1:30! Thanks @Sasperzilla