Anyone live in Burnaby and want to protect a park?

Anyone live in Burnaby and want to protect a park? The city just put up the form for opposing the new composting facility.

While the facility is probably not a bad idea, they want to carve out a big chunk of the riverfront Terminus Park to do it and decided to ram it through using an “alternative approval process” where its automatically approved unless more than 10% of the voters oppose it by filling out a form and physically submitting it.

Strangely enough we just voted in permanent park status to three large areas in the last election with 90% approval so I can see why they wouldn’t want it in a regular vote.

Burnaby info here:

Form here:

Its got to be printed out dead tree style, signed physically and either mailed in or dropped off at city hall.


Hey David, thanks for bringing this to peoples attention. We live in new Westminster and often walk this area and around the trails in this park. We would hate to see it carved up. I thought a large chunk of this park is protected wetlands