Anyone know the status on the Interactive Ping Pong project?

@Lukeo @JDMc @DeNomad

Anyone know the plan for this project? Anyone working on it? Any build info or details?

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Found this:

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Which seems to point to:

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Most of those folks are no longer around VHS so I imagine it’s open to be picked up if you want to work on it.

At least two of them no longer live in Vancouver.

Seems like it’s @DeNomad 's project if he wants to come pick it up

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Thanks @jarrett

Was this supposed to be an IRL game with some interactive features, or an electronic thing?

Regarding the latter, I went down a pretty deep rabbit hole about designing a Pong-style game that we could mount in the window and could be played by people standing outside, but of course, like all rabbit holes, there was no bunny home.


Ah too bad it was never put to good use. Anyone can use it or harvest it’s components…

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