Anyone interested in a 3D printing project?

Heya everyone!

I’m wondering if there is a maker at VHS that might be interested in a 3D printing project if I paid for the materials and time.

This is the project:

Anyone have any idea how much material and effort this would actually be?

Anyone interested? I’m a software guy who dabbles in reverse engineering firmware; I have no experience or gear to print this project but sure could use the resulting output for my own work.

Hi Dana!

Someone might chime in, including with suggestions on how to do it in the space. If that’s what you want to do, that’s a great option.

If you have no interest in that aspect, you might try something like Shapeways or PCBWay or 3D Hubs - They all have services to 3D print and ship stuff to you, and instant quoting tools.

Also reading the link, one portion of it does require a 0.14mm accuracy hole using a 0.3mm nozzle, which is non-standard, so might be fairly challenging.

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Craftcloud is another service like that, just to add to the list. A bit less expensive than Shapeways.

Thanks for the insights Jarrett.

Does VHS have the gear to theoretically complete the project? If I wanted to shadow someone in the space to learn about the process of 3D printing, is that doable?

This looks like a good fallback option if I can’t find someone at VHS who might be interested.

Depending on cost, I might be interested in building 2 units and leave one in the electronics lab at VHS for any hardware hackers interested in using it themselves.

I’m new to VHS but have been 3d printing for a while and thought I would chime in - 0.3mm is a strange nozzle size, especially when the trend right now is to go bigger. I don’t know much about printing in HIPS, though, but it looks like somewhat of a pain. Some of the choices made in for this model seem like they stem from outdated 3d printing principles. A 0.2mm nozzle might be an easier ask.

This remix has some improvements for making it easier to print, but you’re still going to need to go smaller than a 0.4mm nozzle in order to get a layer height down to 0.14mm or below: PCB Workstation Remix - Easy print Needle Arm REMIX by tollbringer - Thingiverse


Thanks for the input @sixregrets. Useful information.

At this point, I’ve contacted the author of the original project design, and it sounds like he might be in a position to sell me a pre-printed kit. Since it would be coming from Italy, I gotta figure out if the shipping is worth it. Seems all the different nozzle complexity needs might limit the ability of any local maker to get this project to completion.

I’m still interested in giving it a try locally to work with anyone who knows this stuff and is confident they could do it (and want someone shadowing them who has no clue). If the price to ship from Italy is more than the cost of a nozzle we can donate to VHS I’d be happy to keep the money local and improve the hack space. But again, I have no idea if the 3D printers in the hack space could be retrofitted to complete this.

Some of the badge holders would need to chime in who are more intimately familiar with the gear.