Anyone have an old dead sonicare toothbrush?


I have quite the stockpile - I’ll put one in the dropbox asap. :slight_smile:


Seriously? Wooo. Thanks! Also - have you ever taken one apart? They sort of
remind me of a sonic screwdriver. :slight_smile:




And…my toothbrush is fixed thanks to a spare part from @rsim’s stash of dead sonicares. Very easy to replace so I saved cash and kept it out of the landfill. Woot!

Time spent on repair - 5 minutes
Money saved (cost of new brush) - $80

What I learned:

  • rechargeable battery inside should be replaceable (often it’s glued it…but not heavily)
  • the metal brush shaft is a very common break (this was my problem)
  • board is well made and well-soldered by the looks of things
  • no parts to buy online, you need another dead sonicare (people often toss them with the battery stops charging)
  • don’t drop the toothbrush!

Part that sheared off looks similar to this (photo from instrucatables)


Glad you recovered your tooth brush. I have given up on motorized tooth

But I do you water picks. Which I find to be VERY reliable.


First time I hear about waterpik and I almost bought one on the spot, I’ve
never been very good with flossing and this seems way better. Do you have
any comments on it, is there something terrible that I should be aware of?


I would avoid battery powered water picks.

And don’t over do the water pressure, it is better to use more water. Also
you may want to add an bit alcohol mouth wash to the water.


Dang! I dropped mine and broke the same part…does anyone else have a spare one of these?




Hey Noel! Sorry to hear your sonicare also broke. I find it amazing that this part fails so often but then again I guess us all throwing our sonicares to the ground doesn’t help. lol. I know you can’t buy the part as I’m sure you’ve realized. I have seen a few sonicares show up on craigslist for parts. People seem to chuck them when the battery dies, not realizing that you can replace the battery.

Hopefully someone here will have a dead spare or you find one elsewhere.


Just had to fix this toothbrush again - just tightening the screw. Time for some locktite. I did almost chuck it but it works fine now. I just really hate the idea of junking this thing.


Screw loosened again so I used nail varnish cause we didn’t have any blue loctite. Works perfectly now. These things seem to have a bit of a design flaw in terms of the head breaking or the screw loosening.


Design flaw? No, I do not think it was designed as a “flaw”. $80 for a new one, you say?

Toothbrush hack

Heh heh - you would be proud SDY - I’ve kept this thing going for ages.


I recently refurbished my pile of dead Soniccare’s with shiny new vibration assembly’s from eBay - they’re as good as new again! This is the listing:


Woot! That is awesome. I didn’t even know you could buy that whole assembly. Will have to pick up a spare.


I AM proud of you! And of Richard too!


My toothbrush needs repairing, does anyone have a spare vibration assembly (or Old toothbrush)?


I don’t but I need pick up one recently at that link above. Works great.


Thank you Janet!

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