Any suggestions to fix this?

I am attempting to make a body form out of expanding foam and duct tape, I had a few members help with the duct tape form, but I am afraid I’ve messed up. it looks funky and weird - you can see the pictures of when i was wrapped vs what it looks like filling it. I have no idea if this is salvagable or not at this point, or if there’s advice I can get. I’m tempted to just stop and give up and I’m overwhelmed by this.

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I made a torso form using butcher paper tape. Kind of like paper mache. It gets hard when it dries and holds its shape then stuffed it with newspapers afterwards.

Pretty easy to do.


Ohhhh thats a neat idea! Where did you get yours?

I got mine at a store on Malkin Ave that no longer exists. You might try or Staples.

Search for water activated tape. You don’t need or want the reinforced paper tape.

You can also ask your local butcher where they get their tape which is what I did.


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