Any (Bamboo) Bike Frame Builders?


After spending the last year commuting 25km/day, I’ve rediscovered the joys of biking.

Several years ago I attended a sustainability conference and saw a bike constructed of bamboo. On a whim, I searched the internets and it seems to be a thing that many people DIY.

With my new found joy and rainy season coming to an end, I have a strong desire to build my own bamboo bike. I would prefer to do it without the aid of a kit which means I’ll need tools and a bike frame jig.

I was wondering if anybody has attempted this in the past or would be interested in attempting it in the near future?


I have not attempted this, but I was once interested in trying. I highly recommend doing it and I’m happy to help with jigs/advice as you need.

There is at least one member that has made a traditional bike frame from raw tubing, so it might be worthwhile doing this at the space.

What kit were you thinking of using?


I’m not sure how wise it is, but I’d like to avoid using a kit. The jig is the scariest part for me - that and bonding the various metal parts to the bamboo.

Would you want to build one as well? I’m thinking the more the merrier.


Hey Mike!

Just curious if you’ve built a traditional steel bicycle frame? If you have the knowledge then this will definitely help with constructing your bamboo frame.

Building bike frames is awesome! I took the two week UFV Frame building 101 class taught by Paul Brodie. It was a great class! I knew nothing about building frames and bikes so I spent a lot of time reading up on building frames before the class. It was still a scramble getting it all done in two weeks even with the help of an experienced bike builder and teacher there at my side everyday.

If you don’t have this experience and and don’t want a kit then great! Jump in and do it. It will be a learning experience. :slight_smile:

I had a look at this kit Calfee Bamboo DIY kit . It looks pretty complete along with rentable jigs (i.e. return jig for a refund) and how to videos to follow during your build. It might make building your first frame a bit more fun and whet your appetite for more?

Either way best of luck and please post your build photos!



That course with Paul Brodie looks pretty awesome.

The Calfee kits look nice and I have to say, it’s an appealing option. I kind of like the PVC tubing approach they took.

I also came across a youtube channel where the guy used extruded aluminum to create a slightly more robust DIY frame jig.

How does that approach compare to the jigs used in the Brodie course?


I’ve watched a few Pithy Bikes videos. I like them. I’ve see one local builder that uses extruded aluminum for their jigs.

Paul Brodie is is a master machinist and he made his own jigs out of steel and aluminum for his company. These were the jigs we used for our class. So my bike was made on a piece of Brodie history. The jigs are works of art.

This is a photo of my frame in the Brodie jig.