Any advice on how to get the touchscreen of an Android working again?


Hey guys,

So I figured people here might have a good knowledge of Androids… so I thought I’d share this with you and ask for some pointers.

Basically, the touch-screen had been “unhinging” from my phone lately… This wasn’t a problem, as it seemed to work for a while.

But recently, I dropped it, and I guess the touchscreen tugged at all the wires, and this somehow resulted in a complete disconnect.

So now I can’t access my phone-- except to turn it on and off. It’s also encrypted, and I can’t press the numbers.

Any advice?


What’s the phone model? Those connectors are very thin. Hopefully it’s just come loose and is not actually torn.


I’m pretty sure it’s the Motorolla DROID MAXX …and I believe the number for it is XT1080M

Yeah… I’m hoping it’s loose as well. But It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s torn… Ya think there’s any way to fix it if torn?


It is possible to buy flex cable replacements from some phones off eBay and
similar. The rarer your phone, the slimmer your chances, however. Open your
phone up, and if you’re lucky, it’s just a cable that’s been pulled from
the connector.

An option for getting your data off your phone could be to use a USB OTG
adapter and hook up a standard USB keyboard to it. I think that will work
for the lockscreen.


@jarrett’s advice is good. Try to carefully take it apart. If it’s torn
probably easier to buy a new screen.

I should add - you can pick up screen repair kits with tools for opening the screen. I ususally use a slim guitar pick since it’s what we have around.


a couple of thoughts:

  • find a dead phone of the same model, and cannibalize the cable from it.
  • use ADB to transfer all the data off the phone, and transplant it
    into another phone.


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Thanks for the Link Janet! It says it’s not available unfortunately though…


I know that flex cables are sometimes welded to circuit boards using conductive thermoplastic glue that can be re-melted and re-adhered with a temp controlled soldering iron. I did this to fix an electronic scale once. It’s doable, but not really easy … for something like a cellphone I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope …


Little update: I was at least able to use a USB OTG cable to plug it into the keyboard, so at least I can now access the data. (Many thanks to Tom for this… although I’m not sure what your handle is! )

Trying to purchase a USB OTG right now… I know this sounds pretty lame, but I’m struggling to figure out what exact “Type” of micro- USB the DROID MAXX has so that I can purchase the correct USB OTG.

I guess it’s a Micro USB 2.0 but some sites are saying it’s a “Type B” while others allude to it being a “Type C”

Would this perhaps be the correct purchase? (It says it takes a Micro USB 2.0 )


Type C is the new-style reversible connector (similar to the iPhone
connector), which I’m pretty sure the MAXX doesn’t have.

You’re looking for a MicroUSB connector, but I think the other end you want
is a female? You linked to a male, which won’t plug into the keyboard.

Something like this is more what you want:

(I’m pretty sure, but I don’t know if there’s something unusual in your
setup, or what the cable Tom loaned you looks like :slight_smile: )


They sell those OTG cables at Lee’s if you’re looking to get one in a hurry. :slight_smile:


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