Amazing work everyone! (Photo Album: VHS Retrospective)

Hi everyone! I’m sure many of us share this sentiment, but I wanted to mention it anyway for the benefit of all of our new members: We have come such a long way since we moved into our current home back in January 2019. The space is looking truly amazing!

Thank you to everyone who has put in countless hours of work to turn this building into an amazing facility that VHS operates within! The improvements we’ve made to this building are outstanding! To quantify it: the 2019 property assessment listed the land at just over $2 million, and the building itself at around $4000 (lol, yes you read that correctly).

Here is a photo album from the Space Committee in June 2018 that shows what our space looked like when we first moved in:

It’s incredible what we’ve accomplished so far, especially in the midst of a situation unlike any other we’ve seen in modern times. It clearly goes to show: when we’re backed into a corner we come out swinging! Both in the physical space, and increasing our membership numbers to the point that we’re financially sustainable!

Keep up the good work everyone! Bravo!


I still think that the $4000 valuation of the building is a typo… there’s a missing - sign; it would take at least $4000 to demo the building to make room for anything you’d want to spend $2 million+ on.


That move out of Cook St too! I’m happy that we’re not doing a move any time soon… I still need to recover.


Absolutely amazing. To see these photos, and compared to the videos of how it is now (Short VHS video I made), its remarkable.


I’m not so sure about that. I got the data from here: Reportal for VanMap

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Also a shoutout to all the folks who helped out with the VHS space search committee. You know who you are! Collectively the committee looked at and evaluated 15 to 20 different potential properties over the course of 2+ years before finding this location. Wrangling the business licence, building inspection, and lease details at Venables took six months and was never a sure thing!