Air Filtration System for the Laser


Would like to get some feedback on this idea I had for a laser cutter filtration system… It’s essentially a “water bong” for the laser. What do you guys think?

(don’t worry, I don’t intend on building it and modifying our current laser filter, its just an idea i had for the LCC)


What would go on the exhaust side to suck the fumes out? As in how big or cfm would the fan have to be?


This water filtration system would slide into our current air filtration system and would use the existing fan. The CFM required for this to work would be dependent on the water level. I don’t know how to calculate the required CFM to be honest.


I’ve toyed around with the idea of a bong filter for the laser filter, but mostly as a last stage filter for the particulates.

I think a different design - one that gets fed through the bottom - would work better for this purpose. I don’t have the math for it, but my gut feeling says that your design would need an extremely large amount of negative pressure to ensure through-put and it would create large bubbles/air displacement, which would ultimately not work well enough.

While we’re floating ideas, let me see if I can finally make a diagram for the design I had in mind.


Can we calculate the filter back pressure required to over come?


Btw, having unfiltered air going through an exhaust fan is hard on the fan/motor and would put a strain on the lifetime of the fan. (We’ve seen this happen at the bunker.)


Also water filters don’t work for small particles. The surface tension of water prevents a large portion of the particles from being absorbed.


Electrostatic filters work well for smoke particles.


Ahem. If “bong” filters actually filtered that well, nobody would use bongs for their intended purpose. Just sayin’…