Advice on phone repair


I went hiking last Sunday and a bit of bushwhacking on wet bush resulted in my phone not turning on anymore. It’s one of those not easily openable (essential phone), so maybe not easy to bring it to the space and work on it, but does anybody recommend a phone repair shop that could look into it?


Hey @3bien - do you have a model number? Have you been able to google the model number and do some troubleshooting? I’m guessing something is shorted in there and I bet it’s the usb port. If the phone has a separate charging board from the motherboard we could replace it and do the fix. Does the port smell burned at all?

We have all the tools for phone repair at the space. (also no pressure if you’d rather take it to a phone place) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion @Janet, I’d be happy to give it a try, although from what I’ve read in ifixit, the phone has a godawful amount of glue (somehow they ended up freezing it when trying to get inside!). My hope is that in a shop they’ll know exactly how to get inside without making a mess, with the caveat that it’s a relatively obscure phone so maybe it’ll be hard to find one that does it.


I hear ya. I just googled and holy cow so much glue. I see that some folks have to break the screen to replace it. Repair shop sounds like a plan. I’m pretty sure there is a good place inside the Waterfront Station.

Doug once bricked his phone and took it to these folks. They tried some stuff and couldn’t fix it, but didn’t charge him.


Awesome, thanks Janet!


I took my old Nexus 6P, a fairly tough nut to crack, to for a battery replacement and they did a great job… If you want a second opinion I’d give them a try. :slight_smile: