Adopt a woodworking project

I’ve designed and laser-cut wall planters a fairly long time ago :

They are made of stacked plywood (6mm), and were designed as 5 sizes nested into 1 file (to save wood).

I built 3 of them, and waterproofed 2 of them with an expensive and stinky epoxy sealer that wasn’t very successful at keeping the wood waterproof, and the planters ended up slowly rotting when watered.
The third one was a gift to a friend, who has been told to keep it dry (no live plants :frowning: ).

I have the parts ready for the 2 last ones, and I’m not sure I’ll use them. They’re taking up storage space at VHS because I don’t want to dump them.

Is anyone interested in taking over? I’d be happier if they were used than just building up a dust patina…
( I still have some of that epoxy sealer, and while my 3 coats were not enough, more coats could do the trick. The epoxy could be part of the adoption)

These are gorgeous!
We would love to adopt them with the Epoxy and if you can show your expoxying tips, the even better!
Please sign them with your name, Thanks!

I’m not sure I’ve been very clear : what I have left is the parts to build 2 of those. It means you need to glue and grind them to get the final result, as in this post
That’s a lot of work, noise, and sawdust.
Let me know if you’re still interested

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That’s quite a bit of heavy lifting! I will pass on it considering “Some Assembly Required” task!

If someone wants to take this on, they are more than welcome to enter it into the woodscrap challenge:


Resuscitating this thread, this laser cut project is still up for grabs. There’s parts for 2 or 3 pieces, I’m not sure.
Give it a chance, it’s going to get dumped otherwise!
Finished pieces will be just over 1 foot high, FYI…

If no-one else wants this I’d love try to reuse these in another project.

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I had a look at these today. While they look great I am going to pass on this as I’ve got too many other projects on the go.

Some photos for anyone else who might be interested in taking these.

@baptiste I’ll take it.


Completely missed this reply. Go ahead if you haven’t already!

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