Addressing Dumping at VHS


Hi all,

Lately people have been leaving trash on our property. The garbage bags are drywall scraps, probably dumped by a contractor who wanted to avoid paying the disposal fee.

These are some steps I took to discourage that behaviour.

I bought some signs and an mock video camera:

The camera has a flashing LED so it looks a bit more active.

I think we should mount a motion sensor security light but I’m not sure how it can be powered.

@Majicj is being awesome and doing a dump run tomorrow (March 4th) at 9am, so that should at least remove the trash that is currently left.

I also took down the ancient and rotted no parkings signs so that the place looks a bit better kept. I’m open to other suggestions on what we can do to prevent people from doing this.


Be very careful they might be dumping the drywall because it contains asbestos.


Let the city deal with stuff dumped in the alley. Here’s where to report.


Took all the crap to the North Shore Transfer Station this morning.

Hopefully the signs and camera help although I have my doubts. I like the idea of a motion activated light.



As an aside, is all the graffiti on the back door recent?