Adapt a Toy / Repair a Toy Workshop

Hi friends, we’ll be running our Hacking for the Holiday’s campaign again this year, where we will be adapting toys, building access switches, and making accessible game controllers for therapists and families supporting kids with disabilities.

Campaign officially starts Sept 25th, and I’m kicking it off right where Makers Making Change started, with VHS riding the first out the gate!

Mon, Sep 25, 2023, 04:00 p.m. - VHS - Repair an Adapted Toy night

This is a night where we repair broken assistive technology to help give it a second life. There will primarily be switch adapted toys that aren’t working, but may also trouble shoot other broken electronic items such as switches. Many of these are ones that previously did not pass Quality Control, but can be repaired.

Switch adapted toys often cost $100 or more, so by fixing the electronics, you are supporting therapists and families with kids with disabilities in having the assistive devices they need to cognitive development, play and communication.

Event is free to attend and open to the public. Please register on Makers Making Change so I can ensure I have enough food and treats to keep my VHS friends fed.

There will likely be more toys than be adapted in a single evening, so if you want to take some to fix up at home over the course of October, I’ll be sure to leave some parts and toys there as well.


What does a good time hacking toys look like?

What does adapting toys feel like? Sneak peak of our campaign video for you.


Here is a guide on how to adapt a toy. For popular toys we build step-by-step instructions, but overall here is the general process.


Bumping this as it’s a week away. A couple of OTs from around town will be coming with some toys / switches needing repair as well, so will be really cool Fix It night with people that benefit from this technology taking part. Feel free to respond to this thread if you are coming or RSVP on the site, and I’ll make sure there is enough grub. Cheers!


I had a couple of question and thought I would clarify:

Open to members and non member!
You can learn to solder if needed - no experience necessary for some of the toys, this is a learnable skill.
Fixing toys for kids with disabilities is a great way to make some vouches.

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Bump. This is tonight! Come on down. Be sure to sign up in the link above for free food.


Beat me to it @Janet! The toys are now at the hackspace, looking forward to greeting y’all tonight!



Thank you everyone who came out last night. About 15 people, from VHS OGs to people completely new to the space, including a couple of Occupational Therapists who brought their broken toys and devices.

Every item brought was either fixed, repaired, or sent to the giant dustbin in the sky. In total, 35 devices were repaired and will go back into the community. One of the OTs Leanne could barely carry all the stuff she took with her out!

Thank you all, this event marked the opening day of our Hacking for the Holidays campaign. As many of you know Makers Making Change really started our community engagement through VHS, so thank you for always being at the starting line by our side.

Thank you for “making” play accessible this holiday season!