Accidental LARGE Kindle paperwhite e-ink screen. Ideas?

Hello all, long time lurker from just down the street.

A while ago, I bought a Kindle DX replacement screen, not realizing that there’s a DX that’s a 9.7", so it was wildly bigger than the standard $80 model they were selling 5-6 years ago. I’ve looked around a little to see if this screen can interface with something I might have in the house, but no luck, and while I’m sure there’s a way to get one of my RaspberryPi to talk to it, I don’t really have the time/energy to make it happen.

Anyone need this thing or can suggest something to do with it that’d cost less than the device, so I can either put it to use again, or release it into the wild?

Lemme know here, I get the daily journals emailed to me.


I don’t have a project, but I do have information on driving them if people do have ideas for these

Also, waveshare has been making some ready to run eink displays with breakouts and documentation:


I also came across this one:


Ben Krasnow has a video on eink. Here.

can suggest something to do with it

I know you mentioned you don’t have the time/energy to interface this with a Raspberry Pi, but I still need to shout out Very Slow Media Player (VSMP):

Video / Build info