Abstract Bookshelf is Complete!

Abstract style bookshelf for my mother.

Footing and spine is Ash.
Footing components are mortised and/or half-lap joined with 5minute epoxy, and reinforced with walnut dowels.
For visual contrast, I had decided to settle for no dowels other than walnut, and custom cut these ones with a drill and chisel.
Dados are routered into the spine for the shelves to slide into.

Shelves are Eastern Maple and Rosewood.
Reading online there seemed to be uncertainty about how well the slightly oily rosewood takes to yellow wood glue, so I did the Rosewood to Maple joint with hidden dowels for extra safety.
Miter joint of the shelf bottom to shelf end is reinforced with hidden splines.
The shelf backboard is fastened to the shelf bottom/end and the Ash spine with stainless steel trimhead screws, which remedies the potential cross grain gluing issues to the spine and to the shelf end.

Finished with tung oil and 2 coats of Osmo Polyx hardwax oil.
Glad to be complete.


That is some fine (and complicated) joinery going on there. Congratulations! Well documented too.

Why thank you!
Complicated and well-documented are two of my joys!


Great work my man! Looks great. I especially love the base.

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Thanks brah!