Absolute beginner woodworking


Would anyone be interested in an absolute beginners class for woodworking? The class would be focused on people having never done any sort of woodworking and at the end of the class you’d be looking at having a cutting board.

If this is at all interesting to you, please let me know. If there’s enough interest I can come up with some potential dates.


Hi Mike,
Thank you, surely would be interested! Pl. sign me up.


I would be - was going to take the @Stevemopolis workshop series but Im on the road so damn much would have missed more classes than I would have made.


@chadleaman check out the Tradeworks website. We have more classes scheduled for 4 Saturdays in Nov/Dec or 8 Wednesday evenings starting in the last week of January.


Yes please!


If you get signed up for the Nov/Dec class then you will complete the class on time to have 4 projects completed that would all make great Christmas presents.


Steve is an excellent teacher, while I haven’t taken his woodworking class, I would recommend anyone on the fence just go and do it.

Meanwhile, the scope of my class would probably be just ‘make a cutting board’. You won’t learn nearly as wide of skills as in Steve’s class. My class will also be an ‘unplugged’ class, so you’ll learn to do everything with hand tools.

I’m probably looking at early 2019 for this class so if you want something for gift giving or something closer to your goals, check out Steve’s class.