About the VHS Minutes category

All about VHS Minutes - the things each member does to help VHS run, an important part of the VHS Code of Conduct .

One Minute for VHS:
Every time a member is at the space, in addition to cleaning up after themselves, they are asked to spend at least one minute on tasks that help the space run. All these minutes add up and help VHS run and be more awesome. Doing more than one minute is not necessary but very much appreciated!

Examples of minutes (they can be anything that helps the space):

  • sweeping
  • taking out garbage
  • tidying an area
  • cleaning a tool or machine
  • emptying out Dustin the Roomba
  • Taking a photo and posting it to Instagram to promote VHS
  • Posting on the VHS website
  • anything else that helps VHS

No one is monitoring who-does-what, doing a minute for VHS is just a good faith thing. Feel free to post what you’re up to in this category or what things at VHS you think needs some minutes. Thanks for keeping VHS great!