About the Events and Announcements category


Events and stuff that is happening around VHS and Vancouver.

Anybody can run a workshop:

Before the event

  • Find an open day where there are no other conflicting events
  • If you are not a key holder, ask on Talk for one to bottom-line


  • Post about the event in the “Events and announcement” category
  • Post about the event on the blog (front page) of hackspace.ca (Ask for access)
  • Post about the event on VHS’s Twitter, facebook (Ask for access)

Extra Advertisement

  • Create a poster for the event
  • VPL poster
  • There are 22 Locations (21 branches and Central); we will accept 22 copies of posters. (8 1/2 x 11)
  • Multiple copies of handouts must be packaged into 22 individual parcels of 25 each for branches and 50 for Central; extras will be discarded.
  • Posters, handouts, etc. which advertise the date of an event must be deposited no less than two weeks prior to the date of the advertised event.
  • Ask friends of VHS to advertise the event
  • Maker labs,
  • Colab
  • Vancouver tool library
  • Vivo

At the event

  • Ensure that everyone signs the wavers .
  • Tell people that we are run by donations. Put the donation bin in the center of the table. Intentional awkward silence for 30 secs (expectant stare), wait for people to put money in the bin before continuing.
  • Take a group picture of everyone that attended.

After the event

Virtual spring cleaning