About that electric beaver in the furnace room

Okay last poll post for a bit, I promise.

So I have been storing Lester Beaver Pearson in the furnace room at VHS, so he can be brought out to events like makerfaire and our SHHH parties.

For those unfamiliar with him, here he is being ridden by Cst Lee Marten of the VPD (who I greatly appreciate not arresting me when I rode him into the Canada Day celebrations at Canada Place).

I was planning to take him home where he can resume his quiet domestic life as a side table. Some members however expressed that they would rather I leave him at the space so he can continue livening up Tuesday Nights with frivolity. I am good either way, if we send him away I will still try to bring him out for major events albeit sparsely because hes a 70lb electric beaver and I live in a third floor walk-up.

If we decide that we would like him to stick around:

  • He does fit well in the furnace room, but @Metal_Janet has suggested that once we clear out some surplus paint we can make him a new lodge under the stairs.
  • I would be willing to train new Certified Beaver Wranglers on the delicate art of turning on the beaver. (it involves reaching mid forearm deep into the beaver and feeling around for a red knob on the right hand side and giving it a smooth turn through 90 degrees. Be gentle, you don’t want to break anything. )
  • I would also train the Wranglers on how to charge him, which is an operation slightly complicated by the finicky nature of his charger. (I may need some help with diagnosing it, its a CC/CV lifepo4 charger, that on occasion when you plug it into the wall makes a click, and refuses to fire up and charge until you leave it unplugged for 15 minutes and plug it back in again, which sounds a lot like a poly fuse but is random. Also there is no battery state of charge indicator on him presently - though the motor driver should cut off if it gets too low.)
  • Wranglers who turn him on need to be in charge of turning off the Beaver at the end of the night. If you leave him running it might over drain the battery, and no one likes a dead beaver, especially one with a very large and hard to replace LiFePO4 battery.
  • Lester gets Canada Day off, for religious reasons, no exceptions.

Should he stay or should he go?

  • I want more Electric Beaver Rides! (Leave him at the space)
  • Side Table Vacation (Take him home).

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Pretty sure we need a Talk Badge for ‘Riding the Beaver’


My only concern is tail damage.