About 12V addressable WS2815 led

I used SK6813 LED before,it’s updated sk6812 led,dual signal,signal break-point continuous transmission.But it’s just 5v,i need 12v addressable led strip for my new project,there is ws2815 led,it’s DC12V signal break-point continuous transmission,can i use the same controller for ws2815 led?

Ooh, interesting! 5v is very limiting.

Looking at the timings, I don’t think you can just plop it in with the 2812 libraries, though it is very close. If you have some, it might be worth a try to see if it might just work. I’m basing this off the datasheet you provided and the one for 2812 I found online. Somebody who has more experience might have more insight.

Googling doesn’t return a ton with these strips. Are they new?

You’ll also need to figure out how to get your data line up to VDD, as the microcontrollers we’ve been using are all at 3.3 volt.

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Even if timings do need to be adjusted slightly, the newest version of the Partycat board might be able to control it, @lukecyca would be able to comment more.

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I agree that with 5v it’s tough to deliver enough power to large arrays of WS2812s. Having an alternative that runs at 12v would be very nice!

It should be possible to power the partycat’s Vin with 12 volts instead of 5. This would deliver 12v to the light strip along with a 12v signal.

The only issue with this is it might cause too much power to be dissipated by the AP1112 linear voltage regulator, as it will still be regulating a 3.3v rail for the ESP8266. It could probably be replaced with a pin-compatible part that would be more suitable though.

Looking at the data sheet though, isn’t data high anything over 0.7V?

0.7 multiplied by VDD (driving voltage)
So, driving at 12V, 8.4V

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Thanks for explaining

SK6813 LED Datasheet:
WS2815 LED Datasheet:

Hi,i also heared 12V SK6812 instead of 5v WS2812,do you know it?

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I have not used it, but I have often wished there was a higher-voltage version. It can be difficult to get enough current to the 5v strips.

If I have another large lighting project I will certainly look into the 12v ones.

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