A wild convection oven has appeared!

I know right now there is a pandemic and we can’t eat in the space, but soon we will be free to have one heck of a party, and when that day comes we will need a warming oven for the sweet delicious tacos that will befall us. And by god, we will be ready.

To meet this need, I just dropped off a new (to us) commercial convection oven for the space:

Boss may want it back if he needs it but that is very unlikely. It is functional aside from needing a couple tabs glued back onto its inner glass and a good cleaning.

I want to keep this for food safe materials only, so silica packets are okay to dry, but lead casting and such is out.

Runs on 120v, fits nicely under the counter upstairs.

Wiki page here: tool:convection_oven [Vancouver Hack Space]

Sorry for not following the proper procedure of ask first and get consensus and then bring in the thing but I figure its useful, there was a time factor, and if people really hate it I can take it home.




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This is awesome! We’ve haven’t had baking abilities before so this will really help to toast those taco shells and bake all the things. Thanks @dbynoe - now we have a complete kitchen pretty much - except for that industrial strength soft serve machine @rsim and I are questing for.

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And a dishwasher!

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Kay on it

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A resident Chef!


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