A puzzle for a Microsoft Windows expert to help me solve?


The topic I started on Microsoft Answers was locked without even giving me a reason. Does anyone know enough about Windows to try to help me to finally solve this problem with my Windows 10 installation on my home computer? By now I am used to no longer being able to remotely access nor control my home computer but I would still like to solve this problem because I am still using the same Windows 10 installation on my home computer because I can live with the breakage and do not have time to start over Yet Again with a new Windows installation. Since I posted to Microsoft Answers, I switched from Windows 8 (not 8.1) Enterprise for x86-32 to Windows 10 Enterprise for x86-64 on a new drive in my office computer and I upgraded to a 4k UHD video monitor at both my home and office using the same model of video card and video monitor in both places. I have not contradicted myself because I did not start over with a new installation of Windows 10 on my office computer, I started with a preexisting installation of Windows 10 that I had already configured for a product my company developed, which saved me lots of time compared to starting over with a new installation of Windows 10.