A modest laser cutting job - Prototype product!

Hello everyone!

My brother-in-law has a problem that could be solved with a small prototype part. I’ve already designed it, it just needs some laser-cutting on any type of wood (not MDF) ideally 5mm or thicker. There is no engraving involved, it is purely a cut job with a few internal geometries.
For reference - here is the piece:

It is roughly 20cm x 20cm. I’m still waiting on final dimensions so this might change, but I expect no more change than +/- 7 cm. I can export this in whatever format you need, just let me know what you prefer (DXF and SVG are easiest, but let me know and I’ll see what I can do)

Is anyone free to take on a job of this size? Happy to pay in terms of cash/beer/karma/whatever else you might want - just ask! We are coming by the tour tonight, so happy to meet in person if you’d like.


Yeah, I’m not here tonight, but I’m glad you’re coming in for a tour, and I have some 6mm Baltic birch plywood available for purchase ($20 for a 30"x30" sheet, cash can go in the VHS donation box/locker in the lounge area). If you find someone who is willing to run this cut for you maybe they can keep the leftover material? A DXF file is the way to go for this (make sure the DXF base units are millimetres)

This looks like a reasonably quick cut. If you don’t find anyone by Thursday let me know and I can run the cut for you during the day for a 4-pack of these:


Hey John!

Thanks for your help. We’ve got final dimensions, so here is the DXF

I’m gonna be heading back to my neck of the woods tomorrow, so @Warren (brother-in-law mentioned above) will have to take over. He will get you your beer/goodies and deal with material. I’ll be available online if any design tweaks need to happen


Hello @JohnC !

When is a good time to visit you at VHS? I live nearby and my schedule is quite flexible. If possible, I’d like to get this done by early next week (latest).

I will make the donation for the plywood and bring 4-pack.


  • Warren
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Hey Warren, I’ll be hosting the open hours tomorrow between 11am and 3pm. Feel free to drop by anytime then. Ring the doorbell when you arrive

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Running a bit late. I’ll be there around 12.

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I just finished cutting this out of 6mm Baltic birch plywood. I cut a 2nd one as the first one had a bit of a rough edge, but they turned out pretty well I think!


Nice!! Huge thanks to @JohnC for this one. They came out great looking

Looking forward to seeing it in the field!


Is no one else going to ask… what is it??


@Warren should field this one!

I’m going to use it to brace a stove pipe so it doesn’t move around in windy conditions. The wood will need to be weather-treated.

If the design works well, I am interested in fabricating more from some sort of metal or plastic that can withstand some heat, moisture and sun. Any ideas are appreciated!