A Jointer and Planer


Yes please! It’s one of the most important tools, and we don’t have one. Sad!




Put me down for $20 for that. Looks great!


I contacted them; it is available tomorrow, we have several people putting in $20-$50 on slack as well, so we can cover this.

Can someone volunteer to pick it up? I have a 4 hour meeting tomorrow on top of normal work and I can’t drive out there.



We had sealed guelph electric motor on our farm. It was special dust proof
motor. It was the oldest working motor I know of, built pre WWII. It has
thermal cut out, we could stall it out hard, which was good for the
application we had. Kind of an accidental safety feature… That never seem
to hurt it.


This has been picked up and we now have a jointer at VHS. Good job team.


Do we have enough funds for it?


We still need to collect the promised funds; but we should be close. I’ll probably cover whatever is lacking since I’ve been pushing hard for this for awhile.