A Jointer and Planer


I feel a jointer and planer would be useful tools to have available in the woodworking space.

If you’re not familiar with the tools, typically a jointer allows one to establish one flat side and a planer is used to bring the opposite side parallel. There are other uses but these are the main ones.

It would allow members to purchase less expensive wood and straighten it themselves and recycle existing wood like in pallets. Although I would recommend a handheld security metal detecting wand to dummy proof the solution as nails ruin blades and replacements are not cheap.

I feel opening ourselves up to opportunities to make better use of inexpensive or free recycled wood would increase the popularity of woodworking in the space. Thoughts?

VHS has a Jointer - but we need help!

I was just drooling over this.

I’d love to see the space get a combo machine…


The other, cheaper and less good option is we could design a jointer top for the thickness sander


Oops, for some reason I thought my link was one of the combo ones, ignore that


I did not realize this until @Stevemopolis mentioned this in our recent table saw training class but you need to really check your wood pallets to make sure they are safe to work with. They can be incredibly toxic.


Also an instructable for for more information http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-determine-if-a-wood-pallet-is-safe-for-use/


That is an amazing guide, thank you!

I’d love to be able to pick up and work with a bunch of this:


They can be incredibly toxic.

They can be, but it’s apparently rare as Methyl Bromide is banned in Canada. Definitely not a reason to avoid them. Just avoid pallets without markings or paint.

How does our space typically acquire such tools? Magic and luck? What can members do to accelerate the process?


We pay rent, utilities, insurance etc through membership dues. Equipment is generally donated by members or supportive third parties. So yeah, a lot of magic and luck.

The other thing to consider with new tools is where they’re going to live once we get them, and how we’re going to handle any operating needs they have; e.g. power and dust collection.


Look up “equipment purchase policy” on the forums, VHS will also chip in if
you get a critical mass (on a Tilt or similar platform)


I have a Delta jointer that I don’t use too much these day. 6" wide blade(s).
I probably could be convinced to loan it to VHS


Could you be convinced to sell it to VHS, assuming we could tilt it?


I’d do a long term loan vs selling it. A thickness planer would be a good tilt to do


Two words… Yes and yes!

Well I guess that’s 3, and 5 words if you include all of them. But that’s not the point! I think a planner and a jointer would be great. I have needed them on a few projects now.


Keep in mind that if you get a jointer and/or planer you’re going to need a dust collector to suck up the shavings. If not, they will quickly clog up with shavings. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, a small portable dust collector would work well. In a pinch, a good shop vac with 2.5" hose will work if it has a high enough CFM rating.


https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/pml/tld/6084560819.html think its too much of a fixer-upper?


That is a pretty nice piece of equipment if it can be restored. It’s at a retail store so it wouldn’t be difficult to have a look at it and assess the situation. Having said that, for the same money you could buy both a jointer and planer brand new.


Just thought I’d mention, I passed the Co-Lab, off Victoria St., really I was just looking at someone sawing some nice wood, and he stopped, invited me in, showed me around. They have some pretty big machines there. Seemed friendly enough.


I would be willing to chip in for a jointer and planer. I’ve wanted one at the space forever. Put me down for $20.


Hey I got an offer for VHS for a free 6" planer. You guys interested?


Wow, assuming it is safe to operate (ie, is not in disrepair) then yes!