A few non-member questions (MakerLabs & soldering introduction)

Hi everyone!

I’ve been contemplating the idea of joining VHS since I started with a few hobbies that require soldering skills for a few months now. I am someone that has been isolating socially for a while now so I’ve been procrastinating on the idea of even going on Tuesday night for a tour. I was mostly lurking kind of expecting someone would announce a soldering workshop. :melting_face:

Recently my spouse made a 3d printing commission and I ended up walking past MakerLabs and saw they make these introductory workshops like twice a month.

Would anyone here recommend said workshop? Is there someone else that runs soldering workshops at VHS which would probably be interested in running one in the next few weeks? I have a bit of a background in prototyping using breadboards/components and electronic knowledge from university so I am not completely clueless.

Thank you in advance for any insight and hopefully I created this topic in the correct area!

Hi @devT!

We don’t often have soldering workshops at VHS - a lot of people already know how. But there’s usually people around who can teach it. I’ve asked in the electronics channel on our Slack for people who might be able to answer this better. (I can solder but don’t feel especially comfortable teaching it.)

I’m also going to ping @Janet here 'cause I think she has taught soldering in the past…

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Soldering is best improved by practice practice practice.

VHS has some learning to solder kits by donation (hopefully someone can chime in with where they are).

And here are some good learning resources:

Most people physically in VHS would be able to point you to the soldering bench and irons.


I’m usually around during the day on Thursdays and I’d be happy to teach you to solder.

Thank you everyone for the replies! I already purchased a few soldering kits and a Pinecil, I just need to figure out which other supplies to purchase like the solder itself and a few other things.